The Godz Of Quad - The Gods (CD - 2008)_TTOB

on 3:04

1  Chiggy No B, Featuring L.P. aka Dutty Clean          
2  So Real (This Bass Thang)        
3  2 Tha Flo        
4  Where U At?        
5  Live At The Disco, Featuring Jett        
6  Ridin Out, Featuring Que Dog from Splack Pack        
7  Pump It        
8  Can U Feel It?        
9  Dont Fight The Feelin , G.O.Q remix Featuring K-Bass        
10  We Comin!        
11  Shock Out!, Featuring M.C. Navigator from Freestylers        
12  The Party's Started        
13  Shake That Money Maker        
14  Dont Front On Me!        
15  Aint Bout Sh*t!        
16  Keep It To Yo Self!, Featuring Tech The Handler from Big Scale Ent.


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