VA.- THIS IS BASS VOL.03(CD - 1990)

on 9:16

Various - This Is Bass: Volume 3

Label:Hot Associated Label
Catalog#:HTLP 3322
Format:Vinyl, LP


1. Move Somethin' - 2 Live Crew
2. B-Girls - Young & Restless
3. Pull It All the Way Down - Clay-D, Prince Rahiem
4. Stomp and Grind - Half Pint
5. Clay D Get Funky - Clay-D
6. Master Plan - Balli & The Fat Daddy, Fresh Kid Ice
7. Pump the Volume up Louder - MC Smart
8. Kiss the Boots - Sugar Daddy

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Hola!, Gracias por aportar esta discografia, aqui le dejo mi correo por si me pueden mandar la contraseña, GRACIAS.

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great cd thanks

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great cd i need the password my email is

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